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Refillable cartridge for HP printer

Model No.︰RFCHP-003
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
1.The transparent refillable cartridge is designed to be refillable easily.
2. The cartridge can be used as long as you like when the cartridge is with the auto reset chip.
3. The cartridge will stop printing when ink level is 0% to protect the printhead and the user have to refill the cartridge.
4. The ink level will be full again once reinstall or power off and on the printer if with auto reset chip.
Specifications︰To use in HP Cartridge:

HP No.10: C4840A/C4841A/C4842A/C4843A/C4844A
HP No.11: C4836A/C4837A/C4838A
HP No.12: C4804A/C4805A/C4806A
HP No.13: C4814A/C4815A/C4816A/C4817A
HP No.18: C4936A/C4937A/C4938A/C4939A
HP No.38: C9412A/C9413A/C9414/C9415A/C9416A/C9417A/C9418A/C9419A
HP No.70: C9390A/C9448A/C9449/C9451A/C9452A/C9453A/C9454A/C9455A
HP No.72: C9370A/C9371A/C9372A/C9373A/C9374A/C9403A
HP No.82: C4911A/C4912A/C4913A
HP No.84: C5016A/C5017A/C5018A
HP No.85: C9425A/C9426A/C9427A/C9428A/C9429A.
HP No. 88: C9385A/C9386A/C9387A/C9388A etc.
HP940 ETC.

Suitable to the following printer:
Designjet 500/800/500PS/800PS/100/120/130/30/10PS/20PS/50PS/Colorpro CAD/GA
Business Inkjet CP1700/HP1100/1200/2000/2200/2250/2250TN/2230/2280/2500/2600/2600DNseries/3000etc. printer.
Officejet Pro K550 ETC.
Advantages︰1. big volume
2. with pump
3. removable chip set holder
4. two big filling hole on side & top.
5, fish shape
6. Refill time after time.
7. Refill simply, conveniently.
8. Save Money.
9. Low cost
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