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CISS-II for S22/T22/SX125/SX425W/TX125/T25/TX42WD etc. printer

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Product Description
New CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System) are available as follows:  

cartridge model A:    T1281/T1282/T1283/T1284
Printer model:   Epson Stylus S22/SX125'SX420W/425W/BX305F/BX305FW
cartridge model B:    T1291/T1292/T1293/T1294  
Printer model:   Epson Stylus SX425W/SX420W/SX525WD/SX620FW/BX625FWD/BX305F/BX305FW/BX320FW/BX525WD


cartridge model A:    T1331/T1332/T1333/T1334
Printer model: Epson Stylus T12/T22/N11/NX125/TX120/TX129/TX420W/TX320F/Workfoce 325
cartridge model B:    T1411/T1412/T1413/T1414
Printer model:   Epson Stylus ME32/ME33/ME320/ME330 Epson ME Office900WD/960FWD/620F

South America

cartridge model A:    T1351/T1352/T1353/T1354
Printer model    :   T25/TX125
cartridge model B:    T1321/T1332/T1333/T1334
Printer model    :   T22/TX120/TX420W

Cartridge Model A:    T1251/T1252/T1253/T1254
Printer Model:   EPSON Workforce 320/323/325/520/NX125/NX127/NX420/NX625 
Cartridge Model B:    T1261/T1262/T1263/T1264
Printer Model:   EPSON Workforce 520/630/633/635/840
Cartridge Model C:    T1271/T1272/T1273/T1274
Printer Model:   EPSON Workforce 630/633/635/840/EPSON Stylus NX625

Cartridge Model A:    T1381/T1382/T1383/T1384
 Printer Model: Epson Stylus NX420/Workfoce320/325/633/625
Cartridge Model B:   T1401/T1402/T1403/T1404
Printer Model: Epson Stylus Workfoce 625/630/633
Cartridge Model C:   T1411/T1412/T1413/T1414
Printer Model: Epson Stylus ME32/ME33/ME320/ME330/Epson ME Office900WD/960FWD/620F
Cartridge Model C:   T1431/T1432/T1433/T1434
Printer Model: Epson ME Office900WD/960FWD

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