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Refill ink cartridge with ARC chip for Canon PGI-x25/CLI-x26

Model No.︰RIC-X25
Brand Name︰SKYCOMN
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
 Refillabel cartridge with ARC chip for Canon new models:
Area Cartridge Model Printer Model Applicable Country
LA PGI-125BK              ClI-126BK/C/M/Y/G ray Cano Pixma MG6110 Mexico,
PGI-125BK              ClI-126BK/C/M/Y/G  Cano Pixma MG5210
Cano Pixma IP4810
Cano Pixma IX6510
LA PGI-125BK              ClI-126BK/C/M/Y/G  Cano Pixma MG5210 Argentina
Cano Pixma IP4810
US PGI-225BK              ClI-226BK/C/M/Y/G ray Cano Pixma MG8120 American, Canada
Cano Pixma MG6120
PGI-225BK              ClI-226BK/C/M/Y/G  Cano Pixma MG5220
Cano Pixma MG5120
Cano Pixma Ip4820
Cano Pixma MX882
Cano Pixma iX6520
JP PGI-325PGBK              ClI-326BK/C/M/Y/GY  Cano PIXUS MG8130 Japan
Cano PIXUS MG6130
PGI-325PGBK              ClI-326BK/C/M/Y Cano PIXUS MG5230
Cano PIXUS MG5130
Cano PIXUS IP4830
Cano PIXUS MX883
Cano PIXUS IX6530
EUR/ME PGI-425PGBK              ClI-426BK/C/M/Y/GY  Cano Pixma MG8140 Russia, Ukraine, Middle East(Bahrain,Egypt,Iraq,Jordan,
Kuwait, Lebanon,Libya,
Oman, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria)
Cano Pixma MG6140
PGI-425PGBK              ClI-426BK/C/M/Y Cano Pixma MG5240
Cano Pixma MG5140
Cano Pixma IP4840
Cano Pixma IP6540
Cano Pixma MX884
EuR/AU PGI-525PGBK              ClI-526BK/C/M/Y/GY  Cano Pixma MG8150 Albania,Belguim,Austria,
Bosnia,Hercegovina, Bulgaria,
Croatia,Cyprus,Crech, Denmark,
Italy,Latvia,Lithuania, Luxembourg,
 Macedonia, Malta,Montenegro, 
New Zealand
Cano Pixma MG6150
PGI-525PGBK              ClI-526BK/C/M/Y Cano Pixma MG5250
Cano Pixma MG5150
Cano Pixma IP4850
Cano Pixma IP6550
Cano Pixma MX885
AP PGI-725PGBK              ClI-726BK/C/M/Y/GY  Cano Pixma MG8170 Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, 
Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan,
Thailand, Vietnam, 
other Southeast Asia countries
Cano Pixma MG6170
PGI-725PGBK              ClI-726BK/C/M/Y Cano Pixma MG5270
Cano Pixma MG5170
Cano Pixma IP4870
Cano Pixma IP6560
Cano Pixma MX886
CHN PGI-825PGBK              ClI-826BK/C/M/Y/GY  Cano Pixma MG8180 China
Cano Pixma MG6180
PGI-825PGBK              ClI-826BK/C/M/Y Cano Pixma MG5280
Cano Pixma MG5180
Cano Pixma IP4880
Cano Pixma IP6580
Cano Pixma MX888

  1. The ink is not included.Select the ink you wish to use on our Ink page or use any Canon compatible ink of your choice
  2. These cartridges will work fine with most dye-based,pigment or dye sublimation ink.They will not work with solvent-based ink

Advantages︰1.It environmental
2.Save 90% cost for customers
3.It's convenient to refill ink
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