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Bulk Ink System for Epson

Model No.︰CFS-003
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Bulk Ink System for Epson desk-top printers:

C58/ME 200/ME2/C59/Stylus Photo780/790/810/830/870/875DC/890/895/900/950/1270/1280/1290/2000P/


C63/C83/C85/C64/C66 /C84/C86/PHOTO2100/2200/R200/R300/R210/R310/


RX700/STYLUS C68/C88/ CX3800/ CX3810/CX4200/CX4800/CX7800/STYLUS D88/DX3800/DX4800/STYLUS C67/C87/CX3700/CX4100/CX4700/Epson ME photo 20 etc. And   EPSON CX5000/CX6000/Epson Stylus D78/DX4000/DX4050/DX5000/DX6000/EPSON C79/CX3900/CX5900/EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R260/R380/RX580/EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R265/R360/EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R270/R390/RX590.

Specifications︰1). An Environmentally Preferable Product.: Do not need to buy the ink cartridge again.
2). Practical
3). Convenient:The ink will be feeded and the chip will be resetted automatically. Do not change the ink cartridges again.
4). Economical
5). For Epson Printer.
Advantages︰Save Money
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